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Adjunct Solution to VariLift® Conforms to Patient Anatomy

PrimaLOK™SP is a next generation posterior lumbar spinous process fixation device, which uniquely compliments VariLift®LX when patient anatomy requires additional stability.

PolyAxial Design for Optimal Fit to Patient

Each foot allows +/- 15 degrees of angulation, allowing the implant to find the most stable anchoring orientation on the spinous process, and with a total of 45 degrees of angulation, primaLOK™SP maximizes contact with patient anatomy.


Large Graft Chamber Promotes Decreased Healing Time

PrimaLOK™SP is designed with a floor to allow post-implantation graft filling that minimizes voids between graft and bone and maximizes the potential for fusion. 


Simple, Easy-to-Use Instruments

A streamlined procedure and simple instrumentation make primaLOK™SP easy to work with in the operating room. 


PrimaLOK™SP is a recommended compliment when VariLift® Patients Require Additional Stability.

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