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A Small Device with Big Potential for your Practice

VariLift®-C is the only expandable interbody fusion device that can be used at 1 cervical level, unilaterally or bilaterally, with or without supplemental fixation, such as plates and screws.

Zero Profile Construct Zero Profile Construct for True MIS, Outpatient or Inpatient

VariLift®-C is a Zero-Profile, Minimally-Invasive Option for Patients with DDD, Grade 1 Spondylolisthesis, and Adjacent Segment Disease.

C-graftchamber-01 Large Graft Chamber allows Overpacking of Fusion Material

With 4 large fenestrations and a generous bone graft chamber, VariLift®-C is designed to allow maximum contact between graft material and endplates.

Zero Impact_1 Minimal Exposure, Retraction, and Tissue Disruption

VariLift®-C reduces exposure and tissue disruption through a straight forward insertion procedure that requires minimal retraction. 

A Shorter Procedure, Ideal for Outpatient Settings

VariLift®-C comes individually sterile-packed, easing the requirements on sterile processing departments before and after cases. Additionally, all products require only one instrument tray, reducing time and footprint in the OR, making it easy to find the required instruments for the procedure. 


Generous Graft Chamber

Designed to Help Treat Collapsed Disc Spaces and Provide Immediate Stabilization

With a leading edge as small as 5mm, the VariLift®-LX enters into the disc space in a near cylindrical shape and expands in situ. The expansion causes the device edges to gain further purchase into the cortical endplates and provide immediate stability. 


Broadest Clearance for ACDF Patient Optimization

VariLift®-C provides proven clinical outcomes and fewer postoperative complications, allowing surgeons to approach any existing procedure conservatively.

  • Unilateral
  • Bilateral
  • 1 Level Stand-Alone
  • With or without fixation

VariLift®-C Retrospective White Paper

Retrospective Clinical Evaluation of Cervical Interbody Fusion Using a Stand-Alone, Expandable Device for Treatment at a Single Level

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Flexible Treatment Option for Adjacent Segment Disease

Significant clinical success and high fusion rates for the treatment of symptomatic ASD cases. Proven to reduce VAS scores and clinical symptoms without the need for supplemental fixation.

One year follow-up radiographs (a) A/P neutral, (b) Lateral flexion


VariLift®-C is a Simple Option for Your Most Complicated Cases.

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