26 Oct

The Problem of Superior Facet Joint Violation and How You Can Avoid It

The Problem of Superior Facet Joint Violation and How You Can Avoid It -

Examining the Known Risk Factors to Avoid Patient Complications with Dr. Mroz and Dr. Davis

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05 Oct

VariLift-C as a Better Solution for Non-Contiguous and Adjacent Segment Anterior Cervical Fusion

Dr. Jeff Arle, M.D., PhD, FAANS. The presentation topic will be VariLift-C as a Better Solution for Non-Contiguous and Adjacent Segment Anterior Cervical Fusion. This live presentation will be a VariLift-C technology overview and case presentation.

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27 Aug

Wenzel Spine Announces Acquisition of Statera Spine

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Wenzel Spine, Inc., a medical technology company focused on providing minimally invasive solutions for the treatment of spinal disorders, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Statera Spine, a pre-operative diagnostics and quantitative data software solution that improves treatment decisions for spine patients.

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21 Feb

Wenzel Spine Announces FDA Clearance to Include Allograft with the VariLift® Product Family

We are pleased to have recently received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market our Expandable Stand-Alone VariLift® systems for use with allograft.

Wenzel Spine’s VariLift® Platforms Now Provide the Broadest Clearance of an Expandable Interbody Fusion Device on the Market.

When expanded, the large fenestrations of our VariLift® devices allow for maximum bone to graft contact as well as overpacking the disc space with graft material post implantation and expansion. This new FDA clearance will give surgeons more options in sourcing the graft tissue that meets their patients specific needs. Check out the video below to see the VariLift®-LX graft chamber in action.

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23 Jan

Dr. Schlesinger Redefines Minimally Invasive Outpatient Spine Surgery

Dr. Schlesinger of Legacy Spine and Neurological Specialists in Little Rock continues to redefine minimally invasive outpatient spine surgery using Wenzel Spine’s VariLift-LX System. Click through to read more about Dr. Schlesinger’s experience with this unique technology.

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23 Oct

Wenzel Spine in Orlando to Attend NASS 2017

Wenzel Spine is excited for another year at NASS.  This year it's down in Orlando, swing by booth#437 and see how our technologies can #simplifyspine.

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26 Sep

Wenzel Spine Announces Refinements and Extended Size Range of the VariLift®-C

Wenzel Spine is excited to announce the availability of our refined VariLift-C platform.  We continue to change the way MIS procedures are performed.  VariLift-C’s focus on MIS application makes it ideal for ASC markets. #simplifyspine

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19 Sep

Dr. Fine uses newly updated VariLift-C as Wenzel Spine continues to redefine Cervical MIS procedures with Refinements & Size Extensions

Thank you to Dr. Fine for being one of the first surgeons to use the updated VariLift-C Expandable Stand-Alone System!  New instrumentation helps to simply spine procedures in the OR.

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22 Aug

Check out Wenzel Spine's Latest Publication on VariLift as a Solution for ASD

Wenzel Spine's recent publication in the Journal of Spine on the use of VariLift as an Expandable Stand-Alone Solution for the treatment of Adjacent Segment Disease (ASD).

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23 Jun

Wenzel Spine Top Medical Device Company to Work for in Austin

Congratulations to the Wenzel Spine team! Wenzel Spine placed 16th in the micro category for best places to work and is the top medical device company. We couldn't be more proud of the team!

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